3 Benefits of Letting Your Dog Live Indoors

The Benefits of Letting Your Dog Live IndoorsDogs dedicate themselves with all their heart, in a way that is unlike any other animal. It’s for this reason that dogs are now not just pets, but an important part of the family. Many owners have no problem letting their dogs live indoors with them, whereas in the past most dogs spent most of their days and nights outdoors.

There are many benefits of having your dog near you. Dogs may be animals, but with some loving attention and careful training, they can be just as important to your household as any other member of your family.

1. You Stay Aware of Their Needs

When your dog lives indoors with you, you will inevitably be more aware of their needs and will established a routine for when they need to go out, when they should eat, and when they want to rest. You will get to know them in a whole new light and be able to provide better care. Spending more time together, will also allow you to quickly notice if a health issue arises, by seeing a change in either mood or activity levels, to then seek early medical intervention that could save your dog’s life.

If you want to monitor your dog’s behavior, the best way to do so is by getting to know your dog. Once you understand what makes your dog upset and what your dog looks like when he or she is agitated, it becomes much easier for you to nip potentially dangerous situations in the bud before they turn into a fight, bite, or worse.

2. You Have a Companion

When your dog lives inside, they are nearby when you want a companion to cuddle or talk to. You and your dog will create a bond that will make you so happy to come home to. Dogs can truly make a house feel like a home. If you have children, they will also have someone they can play with at all hours of the day as well as someone they feel they can confide in and love up on. Keeping your dog inside with you simply allows for a stronger connection that is unlike anything else!

In addition, the emotional and mental benefits for you can be tremendous, as dogs can ease anxiety, stress, and depression. Having you around will also improve your dog’s mental state, and a dog with less stress is a dog that’s less likely to bite or otherwise cause trouble.

3. You Have Protection

In case of an intruder on your premises, an indoor dog will most likely let you know there is danger approaching. Even a smaller toy breed can scare off a would-be intruder with their loud barks. If you live alone, a dog’s presence can be a great protection and comfort.

If you keep your dog indoors for companionship or so you can cuddle up with them, there are many benefits to reap. Be sure to take your dog for walks to keep them fit and provide toys to keep their brain stimulated.


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