The Benefits of Letting Your Dog Live IndoorsDogs dedicate themselves with all their heart, in a way that is unlike any other animal. It’s for this reason that dogs are now not just pets, but an important part of the family. Many owners have no problem letting their dogs live indoors with them, whereas in the past most dogs spent most of their days and nights outdoors. [more]

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How to Keep Your Dog Well-Behaved and Focused on a WalkDoes your dog pull, misbehave, and bark at passing cars, bicycles, people, or other dogs and wildlife on walks? Your dog really just wants to play or herd by instinct, and they can become frustrated by being restrained to the leash. But to onlookers, this could be mistaken for aggression.

Keeping your dog well-behaved and focused while on a walk [more]

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keep dog safe in winterAs winter settles in across the country, we want to offer tips on how to keep your dog safe in winter — even if it is a breed who thrives in these colder temperatures. For those of us who live in parts of the country where snow, ice and frigid temperatures aren’t a major concern, we don’t think about what … [more]

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