6 Signs of an Unhealthy DogUnfortunately, our fur babies aren’t able to tell us when they’re suffering or in pain. Because of this, it’s important that we learn to pay attention to their behavior and keep an eye out for the telling signs that your dog is feeling unwell.

Look out for these symptoms, as you never know what it could lead to. 

1. Weight


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Want to Bring Your Dog to College? Here’s What You Need to KnowCollege is tough no matter what your circumstances are, but having a dog while in college can make things even trickier. You might think that bringing a dog along with you will be a great way to stave off loneliness and keep a responsible routine, but owning a dog while attending school full-time can be another full-time task.

The Pros


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Have you ever thought about having to write your dog’s “resume”? More and more landlords and commercial property rental agents are requesting a pet resume as part of the application process. If you’ve never heard of this you’re probably not alone.

Once you understand the need for a dog or pet resume, its benefits will become clear and you will … [more]

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