How to Take Your Dog on Vacation With YouAre you and your dog ready to vacation this Memorial Day? Whether you are headed to the nearest dog park, on a day trip to another town, or on a long weekend trip, safe car travel is a crucial part of the road trip and will help make sure that you and your dog have a safe and enjoyable journey.… [more]

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Does my homeowner’s insurance coverage protect me if my dog bites someone?” It’s a question I get does homeowners insurance cover dog bitesasked all the time. People will call the office to inquire about dog bite insurance or to receive a dog bite insurance quote and the conversation inevitably turns toward whether, or how much, a homeowner’s insurance policy will protect someone.

National [more]

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The Results Are In: These Are the Best Dog Breeds for Apartment LivingIf you’re longing for a furry friend but you’re unsure how it would work with your current space, it is helpful to educate yourself on what breeds would be a better fit for apartment living. A tight living space would be more enjoyable with certain dog breeds over others, which might require large yards and frequent exercise.

Fortunately, many breeds … [more]

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Is Your Dog Scared of the Vet? Here’s How You Can HelpIt’s common for dogs to be fearful during their vet visits. Anxieties won’t make for a pleasant experience for you, your dog, or your vet, so you and your vet should work together to relive the anxiety for your dog. Learn to reduce fear in your pet and what to expect from your vet. Vets can help you to identify … [more]

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