easter pet safetyEaster Sunday and April Fool’s Day are fast approaching — both on Sunday, April 1. Easter typically is a time for hiding and finding brightly-colored and dyed Easter eggs, Sunday finery and a time for friends and family to gather for a meal together.

We want everyone to have a safe, happy and dog-bite free Easter Sunday and that is … [more]

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Making Your Home Safe and Comfortable for Your DogIt is important that your dog feels safe and comfortable at the place they call home. Their comfort will make a huge difference when it comes to their behavior. As the homeowner, there are a few actions you can take that are known to help maintain your dog’s safety and comfort at home. Whether you’re looking to ensure that your … [more]

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Puppies, like children, like to put things into their mouths; sometimes those “things” are your body partsteach puppy not to bite — fingers, legs, feet, etc. While you may think it is “cute” that your puppy bites and nips when he is playing, if he isn’t trained in the proper way to express himself, you may grow up with an adult dog who continues [more]

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So, Your Dog Has Bitten Someone. Now What?Are you positive that your dog would never bite another person? You never know what could happen in the heat of the moment, and it always better to be safe than sorry. Maybe what you never thought would happen already has. If your dog has bitten someone, you are most likely worried and upset. A claim may be filed. Luckily, … [more]

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Tips for Bringing Your Dog to WorkSo, you want to make your work life better by taking your furry friend along? This is becoming more acceptable in the workplace, but there are some important things to consider when bringing your dog to work. It is crucial to be aware of proper dog etiquette and workplace rules. First and foremost, be sure to obtain Canine Liability Insurance[more]

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