Dog Training Education Month: Effective Training PracticesEach February, we celebrate Dog Training Education Month. Now is the best time to learn about the best training practices! Knowing how to simplify training can make life so much easier for you and your dog. A trained dog is normally a happier dog, and a trained dog is less likely to bite or have other behavioral issues. Take advantage … [more]

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February 20 has been designated as “Love Your Pet Day” but as pet lovers we know that loving your pets is a never-elove your petnding connection!

If you’re looking for ways to make today even more special for your pet here are some ways to celebrate the day together.

Love Your Pet Day

  1. Take your dog for a walk in a

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Helping Your Adopted Dog Adjust to a New HomeSo, you have adopted a new dog. You’re most likely experiencing all the great feelings of bringing in the new member of the family. Eventually reality hits and you realize that while it is rewarding, this new endeavor comes with an immense load of responsibility. You’re likely seeking ways to help your dog adjust to their new home, and we’re … [more]

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As a pet parent you hope that your dog will never bite anyone. Have you ever wondered, though, why do dogs bite? There are myriad reasons why dogs bite. There are also signs that your dog is getting ready to bite and if you understand his signs and body language you may be able to stop a bite before it … [more]

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Is Your Dog Fearful? Here’s How to CopeFearful dogs react to trigger situations in ways that humans view as “bad behavior.” These include but are not limited to barking, aggression, leash reactivity, snapping, and growling. While these are less than ideal for dog owners, it simply means your dog is trying to communicate his or her discomfort in that scenario. Whether your dog is fearful of strangers, … [more]

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In case you missed it, we shared an article about how to prevent dog bites on Super Bowl Sunday. We now want to share dog safety tips for Super Bowl Sunday because we know it will be a day filled with delicious snacks, treats and alcohol — delicious for the humans, potentially harmful for your beloved fur-babies.

Let’s face … [more]

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