Do you Know How to Read Your Dog’s Signals?All too often, well-meaning owners of small or “friendly” breeds of dogs view their dog letting out a short growl or a nip in the direction of someone teasing them as cute or funny. This could be a dangerous mistake to make, though; it’s a signal that your dog is not comfortable with situation they’re in and they are trying … [more]

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Reducing Canine Liability Risks by Being ProactiveIt’s no secret that we live in an increasingly litigious society. Unfortunately, many people are quick to place blame on others rather than their own actions. This is especially pertinent when it comes to dog bite cases. While there are certainly cases where a dog bite seems to come out of nowhere, people have figured out that they can … [more]

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The Dangers of Incorrect Breed IdentificationIn our previous blog post, we discussed common stereotypes associated with dogs due to their breed. Certain breeds have become stigmatized due to media attention, and unfortunately this has led many individuals to not only unfairly be afraid of certain dogs, but come to the potentially dangerous conclusion that “naturally friendly” breeds will never bite. Not only is this a … [more]

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