Dog Owners, What do Your Behaviors Say to Your PetWe’ve discussed in numerous posts the effect that human behavior can have in causing or reducing dog bite occurrences. The fact of the matter is that there are many behaviors we as dog owners have that seem completely innocent to us, but oftentimes are disliked, or even feared, by our canine companions. Why nobody can tell you exactly what … [more]

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Could Your Attitude Enable Your Dog's Bad BehaviorLate last year, we discussed the effect that human body language could potentially have on your Dog Bite Liability Risks. We observed how actions such as prolonged eye contact, direct body motion, or even the position of your head and neck when approaching your dog could all play a role in either provoking or preventing a dog bite. Dogs see … [more]

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Dog Bite Cases How to Prevent Future TragediesWhen it comes to Dog Bite Cases, victims and dog owners alike want to know; how can these be prevented? As we have discusses in previous blog posts, these incidences can come from the friendliest dogs; dogs that you would least expect to attack. There are numerous causes of dog bites, from an unintentional bite due to someone in … [more]

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