Dog Bite Lawsuits Why do Owners LoseAs we’ve discussed in our previous posts, dog owners are almost always held liable for their dog’s actions. However, these significant costs can be deflected with the proper coverage and following these recommendations to ensure proper representation of your dog. In turn, you may be able to reduce or refute your Dog Bite Lawsuit. Here are the most common … [more]

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Service Dog Etiquette Avoiding Harmful ConsequencesAlthough service dogs gain a lot of attention while out with their handlers, it is important to recognize the consequences of distracting these animals. As most passersby don’t realize, service animals are doing a very important job. Whether you or someone you know owns a service dog, it’s critical to understand what is considered appropriate behavior around these dogs when … [more]

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Is Your Dog in Danger of Being Declared Vicious Here’s What You Should Know

If your dog is accused of being “vicious”, the requirements that you may face as a responsible owner can be tremendous. Fines, added security, and litigation costs as a result of a “vicious” dog can contribute to extreme stress. If you own a dog, these useful guidelines can help you manage the situation effectively and … [more]

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Common Canine Liability Legal ClaimsDog bite liability has been a hot topic in our blog posts; however the claims that we see are not just from bites, though that is often the costliest of legal claims. Claims can come from a person that is injured from tripping over your dog, being scratched, or from owners of other dogs who are injured by yours. According … [more]

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