Should You Think Twice About Giving Your Dog Peanut Butter?A recent article published by recently revealed a dangerous trend when it comes to one “people food” that pet owners love to give their dogs: peanut butter. Peanut butter is loved by many dogs and their owners; it makes a great, relatively healthy treat, it can be used to administer medicine, and can even be used for training purposes. … [more]

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Animal Control Appears to Be Out of Control in Some JurisdictionsOne person; that’s all it took. A single neighbor claimed to have seen Caitlin McAdam’s two dogs, Jake and Lucy, kill a cat. And as a result a $10,000 battle to save these two dogs from the death penalty began. When this incident occurred, McAdams was hit with “dangerous dog” charges under the state law in Colorado, and she was … [more]

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Reducing Dog Bite Liability How to Socialize Your PuppyAs many dog owners know, puppies are a joy to be around. Often times though, we forget that as puppy parents, disciplining and socializing our dogs is critical to their quality of life and behavior. As mentioned earlier this year, Socializing Your Dogs can prevent aggression and anxiety. More importantly, taking the proper steps to socialize your puppy from a … [more]

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Children and Pets A Look at the Most Common Dog Bite VictimsWhen it comes to Dog Bite Liability Claims, one of the most common scenarios we hear of is an incident where a child was bit. We are typically told, “It happened in an instant!” and “There were several adults around, but nobody saw what happened.”

What dog owners must understand is that most dog bite liability claims are situational. … [more]

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