Solving the “My Landlord Won’t Let Me Have a Dog” Problem

Many a dog owner has faced this all-too-common dilemma; they go to rent a house, condo or apartment, only to be turned away because of the breed of their dog, or the fact that they have a dog at all.

Just as homeowners have difficulty buying homeowners insurance policies … [more]

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Breed Spotlight: The Bloodhound

Most popular for their extremely powerful sense of smell, the Bloodhound has been described as a “kind, patient, noble, and mild-mannered breed.” Bloodhounds are good-natured and due to this make great family pets. That being said, they can also be stubborn, so they need firm obedience training. Due to their strong sense of smell … [more]

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Dog Bite Liability The Great Vaccination DebateDog Bite Liability: The Great Vaccination Debate

Most people are aware of the vaccination debate as it pertains to children. Although vaccines have virtually wiped out a number of diseases that used to plague this country, many parents are fearful that they may cause harm to a child’s developing immune system, causing illnesses they may not have gotten otherwise. The … [more]

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