Dog Owners, What do Your Behaviors Say to Your PetWe’ve discussed in numerous posts the effect that human behavior can have in causing or reducing dog bite occurrences. The fact of the matter is that there are many behaviors we as dog owners have that seem completely innocent to us, but oftentimes are disliked, or even feared, by our canine companions. Why nobody can tell you exactly what … [more]

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Identifying Triggers of Aggression to Lower Dog Bite LiabilityIdentifying Triggers of Aggression to Lower Dog Bite Liability

Canine aggression is a natural and common reaction to the stimuli your pet will encounter during their life. While some animals are better at coping with aggression triggers, many animals lack the training and support from their owners to navigate emotional or instinct-driven prompts which can lead to acts of hostility. … [more]

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Eliminating Grooming Anxiety and Dog Bite Exposure Eliminating Grooming Anxiety and Dog Bite Exposure

While we love their bounding energy and excited demeanor, dog are not the cleanliest of critters. Unlike their feline adversaries, k-9 companions often need a little extra help when it comes to grooming and individual hygiene. Proper grooming and care is important to the health and comfort of many pooches and their companions, … [more]

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Dog Bite Liability The Great Vaccination DebateDog Bite Liability: The Great Vaccination Debate

Most people are aware of the vaccination debate as it pertains to children. Although vaccines have virtually wiped out a number of diseases that used to plague this country, many parents are fearful that they may cause harm to a child’s developing immune system, causing illnesses they may not have gotten otherwise. The … [more]

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How to Prevent Bloat in DogsHow to Prevent Bloat in Dogs

Too few pet owners are aware of one of the most dangerous healthcare issues to face dogs, especially large, deep-chested breeds. The medical name for the disease is gastric dilatation and volvulus, or GDV, but most people know it by its much more commonly used name; bloat. In this condition the stomach twists, either … [more]

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Preventative Measures Against Dog Bites

dog16It’s difficult to imagine our adorable and fun loving dogs can become dangerous, but according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 4.7 million people in the United States get bitten by dogs every year.

Similar to any other attack, dog bites can be lethal, therefore safety and prevention is important. Although breeds … [more]

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Cost Saving Tips on Owning a Dog

image15Owning a dog is costly, from purchasing toys, food and medical care; the numbers start to add up. However, like with any big purchase, there are various ways you can save costs.

The key to owning a pet on a budget is preventative care. But unlike investing in a home or car, rationing … [more]

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Top 3 Dog-Friendly Florida Beaches

image14In a couple of days, Spring will officially begin. The flowers will start blooming and the sun will start shining. You will find the beaches covered by people who have long awaited this season to come. Undoubtedly, beaches are fun for both dogs and dog owners but are dogs allowed on the beach and if … [more]

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A Dog Owner’s Guide to Beach Safety

image13We celebrated Daylight Light Savings this past Sunday; while many spent the day grieving about losing an hour of sleep, dog lovers spent it embracing the sun that shines across Florida’s beautiful beaches. They contentedly gathered their beach towels, sunscreen, and leashes and left for the shore.

Although the beach is fun for … [more]

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How to Find the Right Breed

dog11Are you ready for the responsibilities that come with owning a dog? If you’re able to confidently say yes to the previous question, then you’re ready to move onto the next—what breed is right for you?

Not every dog can easily assimilate to every living situation. Whether this will be your first time adopting … [more]

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